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[Event] Talkshow at Ho Chi Minh city University of Food Industry and G'Foundation Scholarship

On April 24, GroupG Asia Pacific and its partner CONDIO GmbH (Germany) in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (HUFI) successfully organized the G'Foundation scholarship awarding ceremony and discussion: Future-oriented Industrial Food Production through Tailor-made Stabilization and Recipe Development

The event attracted the participation of more than 150 lecturers and students from the Faculty of Food Technology and representatives from 15 food production businesses in Ho Chi Minh City. On this occasion, G'Foundation - GroupG Asia Pacific's scholarship fund sponsored ten scholarships with a total value of 50 million VND for outstanding students.

Tailor-made Stabilization and Recipe Development

GroupG is the exclusive distributor in the Asia Pacific of CONDIO - one of the leading stabilizer specialists in Europe that provides stabilizer solutions for the different requirements in the food industry. CONDIO stabilizers are blends of various raw ingredients from natural sources and come in various types from plant-based (such as pectin, guar gum, soy protein, starch, etc.) to animal-based raw ingredients (such as milk protein and gelatin). In collaboration with CONDIO, we focus on tailor-made stabilization projects to achieve specific product tastes while optimizing recipes and technology for customers.

International experts from CONDIO and GroupG have had a chance to share and discuss with HUFI professors and students the future approach for food stabilizers. From both theoretical and practical points of view, stabilizers play an essential role in generating food's unique taste, texture, and structure, which mainly contribute to the brands' competitive advantages. The tailor-made stabilization and recipe development require a lot of effort from both the ingredient supplier and the manufacturer in such open innovation collaboration, but the outcomes are worth it.

G'Foundation - Scholarship and Sponsorship Funding for Future Research

GroupG Asia Pacific is committed to initiating talent development activities in the cosmetic chemistry and food technology industries. We seek opportunities to join the training, research, and promoting new educational programs with universities. "Besides the scholarship and sponsorship funding, G'Foundation offers students the chance to have real work training at GroupG Innovation Hub or our partners' premises through internships. We are more than welcome to corporate with young creative students and believe that they are actually the key factor of our future innovation" - shared Ms. Giang Pham, Chairperson of GroupG.

Following this event, GroupG Asia Pacific as well as our partner CONDIO GmbH is looking forward to further deepening cooperation with HUFI - Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry in particular, and universities with science and technology research faculties in general.


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