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Achieving Sustainable Growth for both our Company and the Society

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It becomes clear that people around the world expect their consumption goods to come from sustainable ingredients. But all above of that, even before sustainability turns into the common thread, we wanted our success story to be built around good products and good people. Our commitment to sustainability extends throughout our history evolves around these two areas. It is worth mentioning our value: Creative Partnerships and Innovative Solutions are the keys, enabling us to bring Added Values for all. We are grateful to both team and the external partners for the shared understanding of these priorities. 


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GroupG Asia Pacific is committed to:

  • Initiating an equitable, safe, and fair workplace and operating responsibly across the functions in the business value chain. We take action to empower our people to swiftly adapt their day-to-day working lives during the Covid-19 pandemic while ensuring the business operates safely and accurately. This is also a premise for us to strengthen the adaptation and innovation evolution for the next period. Besides the hybrid working principle, we instantly improve the internal communication and training activities to maximize employees' engagement and productivity. Last but not least, the cross-functional rotation allows people to learn, grow, and contribute to business success.

  • Supporting talent development activities in the cosmetic chemistry and food technology industries. We seek opportunities to join the training, research, and promoting new educational programs with universities. Our G'Foundation offers scholarship for students as well as financial support for the academic research projects through open collaboration which is one of our Innovation Hub priority.


10 Pie Recipes to Try This Fall 


GroupG Asia Pacific is committed to:

  • Instantly updating and assessing the supplier performance, ensuring the quality of the product meets international food safety standards & conventions, to safeguard human health.

  • Investing in facilities, methods, and people for Innovation Hub. Engage in open innovation among suppliers, teams, and customers to generate integrated solutions that are creative, cost-efficient, and satisfy the consumers. Accomplish customers in product development, manufacturing, and enhancement.

  • Continuously seeking and introducing innovative products and processing methods that are human health and environment friendly. Leverage the market insights and expertise in research and promotion of new sustainable trends.

​Seeking collaboration or funding in research project?

We are constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate on research or support projects from universities and research institutions. Contact us to actualize innovative ideas as well as improve the professional capacity of the future team. 

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