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GroupG is the exclusive distributor in the Asia Pacific of CONDIO - one of the leading stabilizer specialists in Europe that provides stabilizer solutions for the different requirements in the food industry.

CONDIO develops and produces natural stabilizers and food ingredients for the food industry. These stabilizers are tailored-made to customers’ needs and able to help optimize recipes and technology. CONDIO stabilizers are blends of various raw ingredients from natural sources. Offering a wide range of plant-based (such as pectin, guar gum, soy protein, starch, etc.) and animal-based raw ingredients (such as milk protein and gelatin), we help our customers to achieve specific results in the final food product.

Stabilizer Solutions

​Dairy Products

Yogurt, Cream, Cream Cheese, Beverages with Milk content, Bread spreads, Desserts with ConPro and ConPound Stabilization, tailor-made to your requirements.

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​Sausage, Processed Meat and Fish

Meat and Meat Products, Fish and any other products using ConMeat Stabilization, tailor-made to your requirements

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Fine Food

Mayonnaise, Dressings, Savory Sauces, Filling sauces for confectionery, Pizza, and Cheese with ConPro and ConPound Stabilization, tailor-made to your requirements


Plant-based Products

We offer Plant-based protein concentrates and flours of various origins for several applications: Plant-based drinks, Fine food, Meat alternatives, and related products.

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