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GroupG provides various fruit concentrates, purees, and fruit preparations such as squash, smoothie, jam, etc. Our fruit juice materials are from the highest quality, clean, fresh, ripe, healthy tropical fruits in Vietnam, Thailand, America, and Europe.

In association with the most famous producers in local markets, GroupG offers all kinds of puree, concentrate, squash, jam, smoothie from fruits according to customer's requirements with product differentiation or best adapted to the market trend.

Since 2015, we have become the exclusive distributor for Dingfong Food (Thailand) in the Vietnam market to supply various kinds of typical tropical fruit squash, fruit-flavored jelly, konjac, etc. Besides, our Spanish partner VO offers solutions of high-quality organic fruit-derived ingredients for your premium applications. 

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Fruit-derived Solutions

Organic Juice

Offer a wide range of organic juices and concentrates derived from fruit and vegetables under high-quality standards for 100% EU organic products manufacture.

Fruit Squash

Fruit squash contains 38% juice concentrate that provides a richness of color and an intense flavor. 

Concentrates, Juice and Purees

Fruit concentrates, juice & purees contain a richness of color and an intense flavor. Some may keep pressed and filtered peel, pulp, and seeds from every fruit or vegetable to enhance the indulgence. No sugar added.

Fruit Preparations

We can do INNOVATION & CUSTOMIZATION preparation, offering the best and most cutting edge ingredients for your tailored and unique fruit preparation with the additional claim such as antioxidants, source of vitamins, fibers… mainly for yogurts, ice creams, confectionery, and other tasty products

Fruit Pieces

Using fruit pieces to enhance the consumers' mouthfeel is gaining popularity among the food and beverage industries. GroupG offers fruit pieces in dice, chunk, slice, and halve. The peel, pulp, and fruit seed pressing and filtering technology are applied to keep the ingredients rich colors and intense flavors. 

Nata de Coco in Syrup

The chewy, translucent jelly Nata de Coco pieces offered in different sizes are suitable for various applications and packaging options.

Aloe Vera in Syrup

The crispy, translucent Aloe Vera pieces in syrup offered in different sizes are suitable for various applications and packaging options.

At GroupG's Innovation Hub, we offer the best quality ingredients to get tailor and unique fruit-derived solutions, providing saving in formulations by optimizing cost and products, recipes development and shortages improvements,

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