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GroupG is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam of INSTAKOMBUTM from Ming Chyi Biotechnology (MCB Taiwan) - a leading nutraceutical powder ingredient manufacturer in the Asia Pacific.


Kombucha is a fermented tea that originated in Asia 2000 years ago and was recently popularized by Western celebrities due to its weight loss and multiple health benefits such as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, detox, and anti-bacteria.


InstaKOMBU™ is MCB’s exclusive Kombucha powder, thanks to MCB’s patented micro-encapsulated manufacturing process, the product contains multiple active contents and represents the unique flavor of Kombucha. Moreover, Kombucha in powder form enables seamless transportation, suitable with various applications and manufacturing processes while keeping active ingredients and its health benefits.

InstaKOMBU™ Applications

Instant Kombucha Tea

Available in various flavors, adding a rich source of Bacillus coagulans (Probiotic) or fruit extract.

benature kombucha.jpeg

Ready-to-drink Beverage

Create a premium positioning for your brand by introducing the healthy and trendy RTD beverage. 


​Jellies, Candies & Cookies

InstaKOMBU™ can be applied in many different products to produce an innovative version with unique taste and health benefits.



Effervescent Tablet, Powder, Capsule, Tablet, Ampoule, and more


From 2000 years ago to 2021, kombucha is still proving itself to be the must-have herbal tea drink on the market and is a trend in the Asia Pacific recently. Contact GroupG's Innovation Hub to develop and bring a fancy kombucha product to your market.

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