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GroupG is the exclusive representative of LUZI (Switzerland) in the Vietnam market since 2018.


LUZI fragrance compounds is a family-owned Swiss company that specializes in the development of unique scents for fine fragrances, personal care, home care, and air care. LUZI was founded in 1926, with headquarter in Switzerland and 2 production sites: in Switzerland and Malaysia, 14 perfumers, and more than 40 agents.

Their scents are carefully created to contribute to the success of their clients’ products, always considering the latest trends and innovations. Each fragrance composition is created to touch your senses and to arouse your emotions. This is only possible with the right combination of creativity and technical expertise. They develop unforgettable scents which in turn create unforgettable moments for customers.

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Top Fragrance Applications

Fine Fragrances

LUZI's unique and sophisticated scents combined with our market expertise ensure the brand's success. We continue to create new fragrances with distinctive character and perfumes with long-lasting success


Choosing scents for cosmetics is always a challenge for manufacturers. We work closely with the R&D departments of cosmetic brands to enhance the users' experience without compromising the superior formulation of the product.

Personal care

LUZI's superior personal care fragrances are recognized worldwide as the scents harmonize perfectly with the final product’s unique characteristics and reflect the market/consumers' demands. GroupG and LUZI teams work side by side to offer the fragrances which demonstrate outstanding quality and safety standards for personal care products. 

Home & Air care

From laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish wash, floor cleaner to air freshener and candle.

At GroupG's Innovation Hub, we build specific libraries for each application that meet the market preferences and behaviors. Besides, we support our key customers by way of individual marketing support, product concepts, and fragrance creations specifically developed for them.

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