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GroupG Asia Pacific is the exclusive distributor in Southeast Asia of Dalton Biotechnologie which specializes in the production of probiotics and microbial food cultures.

DALTON was founded in the early 70's, and in 1974 begins the starter cultures production for the Italian Dairy Industry. Over the last 30 years, DALTON has constantly expanded its knowledge and invested in its human resources to optimize processes and to operate at the leading edge of technology. The company's continuing research and product development, together with our relentless effort to meet customers’ demands, have allowed Dalton to devise an extensive product list, in which all dairy producers will find fully-customizable solutions to satisfy their every need.

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Starter Culture Solutions

Yogurt & Fermented Milk

The unique quality of Dalton starter cultures is their extremely low post-acidification in the final product, which allows the organoleptic and structural properties of the product to be preserved throughout its shelf-life. Applications vary from Kefir, Kefir Milk, Ryazenka to any kind of Vietnamese Yoghurt, meeting the customers' different needs for a consistent texture, acidity, and aroma.

Cheese & related products

Our traditional Thermophilic, creative Mesophilic, and mixed starter cultures will allow cheese-makers to obtain products with consistent and high-quality standards. All our formulations are available in a wide range of bacterial strains for rotation schedules to prevent bacteriophage contamination.

At GroupG's Innovation Hub, our technical specialists work closely with DALTON's experts to provide starter cultures together with formulations to ensure meeting all of our customers’ different needs for consistency, texture, acidity, and aroma.

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