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Partners in Flavors

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GroupG supplies a wide range of flavors for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industry which are produced by our well-known partners such as Ungerer & Company (USA), VK Creative (Singapore), Sapphire (USA), flavor suppliers in other countries (Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, etc.) and from our owned brand Jucianno.

We can provide different forms of flavors including liquid, powder, paste, emulsion, encapsulation, etc. for many kinds of food applications with all required quality certificates. Flavors provided by GroupG are solutions combined from its flavor creativity with a profound knowledge of other food ingredients to meet the exact requirements of individual customers.

​Flavor Categories


  • Soft Gelatin Capsules

  • Effervescent Tablets

  • Mouthwash


  • Fruity

  • Floral & Leaf

  • Tea & Coffee

  • Energy Drink & Carbonated Drink

  • Healthy Drink

  • Alcohol Drink

Confectionery & Dairy

  • Cheese, Butter, & Milky

  • Sweety

  • ​Nuts & Bean

  • Fruity & Vegetable


  • Beef

  • Processed Meat

  • Chicken & Egg

  • Sea Food

  • Local Dishes

  • Sauce & Seasoning

  • Herb & Spice

At GroupG's Innovation Hub, our technical specialists work closely with partners' flavorists to not only bring the finest profiles that meet clients' requirements but also keep you posted with the latest trending palate.  

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