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GroupG Asia Pacific and HCM University of Food Industry established strategic partnership agreement

On November 15, GroupG Asia Pacific and Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (HUFI) signed the strategic partnership agreement on innovation. This is one of the key activities of the company's program called G’Innovation NEXT aiming to support young human resouce development in Food Technology and Cosmetic Chemistry.

Signing ceremony between GroupG Asia Pacific and Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry

The event welcomed HUFI’s leaders, lecturers and GroupG’s BODs with more than 400 students. The ceremony pioneered a comprehensive partnership between an innovation-focused business and a leading application-oriented university in food technology. The cooperation would bring practical benefits to both sides and contribute to the community through the development of human resources including young students & scholars pursuing innovation in food & cosmetic technology.

G’Innovation NEXT – pioneer platform for sustainable talent develoment

At GroupG, innovation and creative partnership are the foundation to create shared value. G'Innovation NEXT, a program initiated in 2022 by the company, is committed to accompanying educational and research institutions in training, scholarship, research sponsorship, and joint research. Through these activities, we expect to support talents and their studies, as well as to contribute to the next innovations created by Vietnamese youth in the field of Food, Cosmetic technology, and the Creative industry.

More interesting activities in events

Ms. Giang Pham – Chairperson cum CEO of GroupG inspired all students with her speech about the spirit of striving for excellence, living wholeheartedly for passion, and constantly innovating to make dreams come true. She also shared with the students about the career orientation as well as opportunities that G’Innovation NEXT program brings to all.

At the ceremony, 10 scholarships were awarded to 10 students in recognition of their excellence in academic endeavors and community involvement.

In addition, the Innovation Hub and GroupG Asia Pacific's group of interns introduced the Kombucha beverage stand – a new innovative product made from Taiwan's special InstaKOMBU™ tea powder. By that, GroupG would like to vividly introduce to students about the role and importance of innovation for businesses, especially in food technology and cosmetics chemistry.

The comprehensive cooperation between GroupG Asia Pacific HUFI has opened up many new opportunities for not only students in their career development but also promotes many activities connecting businesses and schools for innovative research and development projects, bringing value to the market and society.

Contact GroupG Innovation Hub to explore more about the G'Innovation NEXT:


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