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GroupG to become the exclusive distributor of MCB's InstaKOMBU™

In the context of the pandemic, consumer demand for foods that improve health is higher than ever. Therefore, Kombucha - a drink that is confirmed by scientific studies to help strengthen the immune system and add many health benefits, has become very popular in recent times.

This drink was first recorded in history books with the name "Immortal Tea" - a tea presented to King Qin Shi Huang 2000 years ago. Then, when introduced to the Emperor of Japan by a Korean physician named “Kombu”, combined with “cha” meaning “tea” – Kombucha officially became the name of the healthy drink trusted by many emperors and generals throughout history thanks to its health benefits.

Kombucha holds great potential in the global F&B industry

Starting in 2019, Kombucha is being re-accepted as a new trend, with a market potential as reported by Grand View Research of US$ 7.05 billion. And in the Asia-Pacific region, Kombucha is most popular in the Chinese and Japanese markets whose cultures have a great influence on trends in the Vietnamese market.

Catching up with this trend, GroupG Asia Pacific officially became the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for InstaKOMBU™ products of Taiwan Ming Chyi Biotechnology Company (MCB) - a manufacturer that is taking a great advantage in the Kombucha supply chain network.

Natural origin and tremendous health benefits

Kombucha is fermented from three main ingredients: black tea, sugar, and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), in which SCOBY feeds on sugar for tea fermentation and thereby produces the beneficial bacteria.

Studies show that Kombucha offers great health benefits such as:

  • Strengthens the immune system by containing Probiotics - beneficial bacteria recommended by the Ministry of Health to prevent flu and respiratory infections

  • Improve digestive system health and help the body absorb nutrients well

  • Weight-loss support, promote skin rejuvenation and body purification thanks to EGCG available in tea, antioxidant compounds, and toxin elimination

MCB's InstaKOMBU™ is a POWDER product that uses MCB's patented micro-encapsulated and spray-dried technology to solve the problems of other liquid Kombucha product lines on the market, with advantages such as:

  • Easy to transport in bulk or export

  • Less complicated storage process and longer shelf life of raw materials

  • Retains all the active, beneficial bacteria, and distinctively sour taste of Kombucha

  • Flexible application on many types of products when combined with fruit flavors to adjust the taste and produce a variety of products.

In addition, InstaKOMBU™ is produced with a closed process using high-quality kombucha liquid fermented from the hand-pick roasted high mountain small-leaf black tea. SCOBY residues from the fermentation are also reused to fertilize the tea tree, helping to ensure user health and natural environment protection.

In GroupG's Innovation Hub, we start testing and offering various InstaKOMBU™ applications ranging from instant Kombucha tea to effervescent tablet. Contact us for your next trendy products!
Hotline: (+84) 91 929 6066


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