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SPICES LIFE - A unique fragrant fiery impression

In the rich world of fragrance, the product creates a fragrance for the body that has become a delicate highlight, creating beauty and confidence for each person.

The cosmetics industry is constantly changing every year, bringing new trends, with diverse and creative scents. Known for its intense and sophisticated opening, spices have long dominated the world of cosmetics in general and fragrance in particular.

Predictions from Expert Market Research show that the spice segment will account for about half of the natural fragrance ingredient market share by 2027 at $24.55 billion.

Global Data's 2021 global consumer survey on fragrance preferences found that 22% of consumers prefer scents that help them relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

This shows that 2024 will be a booming year for spice fragrance.


Spice fragrance is popular and thoroughly utilized because of their passion and warmth as well as creating strange emotions for consumers. This is one of the groups of incense that stimulates memories the most because we can find this incense anywhere, whether in nature through excursions, or around the kitchen at home.

Spice fragrance is divided into two separate groups: Fresh Spices and Warm Spices.

Plants that taste sour, bitter, or astringent often belong to the Fresh Spices group, have aromatic, herbal properties, and evaporate quite quickly. Therefore, it is often found in the Top note of perfumes. Some common notes are cardamom, ginger, coriander, juniper berries,...

On the other hand, plants that are woody and sweet belong to the Warm Spices group. Their scent is often quite strong, and harsh, awakens the sense of smell, and tends to stick to the skin longer, so they are often found in the Middle note and Base note of perfumes. Cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, and cloves are typical notes for this scent group.


Spices have been used for thousands of years for their aromatic properties. They are said to have therapeutic benefits with relaxing, sedative, stress-reducing, and mood-enhancing properties.

This scent is used to strengthen the immune system, improve nervous system function, improve memory, improve cardiovascular health, and other health issues related to digestion and respiratory.

Overall, spices are a valuable ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Their complex, distinct scent and health benefits make them a popular choice. They can be combined with ingredients with similar characteristics to create an impressive scent.

GroupG Asia Pacific stays ahead of market trends and combines research and development to bring innovative products with warm, spicy scents for use in cosmetics, perfumes and personal care products to meet consumer tastes and market needs.


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