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Boost Your Natural Beauty with TITAGEN™ Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptide

As individuals transition into adulthood, the demands placed on their lives necessitate a heightened level of attention to both their overall health and the well-being of their skin. Unfavorable dietary choices, prolonged periods of wakefulness, occupational stress, and environmental elements like particulate matter and solar radiation can all contribute to a diminishing production of collagen—a crucial component for maintaining both physical well-being and skin aesthetics. In accordance with the findings of Global Data's first-quarter 2023 global consumer survey, it is notable that 53% of the worldwide consumer population place their trust in the advantageous properties of collagen.

What is TITAGEN™ Marine Collagen for Skin?

TITAGEN™ is a clinically approved hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide produced from fish scales. It is odorless, and tasteless and can be easily added to nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food & beverage applications.

TITAGEN™ Fish Collagen Peptide is a clinically tested product with visible results in 90 days. It has high digestibility and excellent absorption and has all essential amino acids.

Benefits of TITAGEN™ Fish Collagen


Titagen™ offers a comprehensive solution to optimize skin conditions. Collagen contains higher levels of specific amino acids. Clinical studies have also shown the reduction of fine lines, and deep wrinkles & protection against UVB-induced skin damage.


Titagen™ helps in regaining joint mobility & flexibility in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis and other bone disorders. Titagen™ enhances joint health by strengthening the structure of cartilage and joints. It also facilitates the repair of joint matrix degeneration and improves mobility, thereby reducing joint pain.


Titagen™ provides sportspeople and athletes with many health and nutritional advantages, particularly during and after exercise. Collagen peptide helps in the proper recovery of muscles and joints; cartilage and bones’ cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration; protects from high-impact stress and prevents injury in sports.


Titagen™ Fish Collagen peptides benefit individuals by preventing the loss of lean body mass. Meeting the protein requirements can be challenging, so Titagen™ Fish collagen peptides offer an ideal solution for protein supplementation for preserving lean muscle mass.


Titagen™ Fish Collagen peptides play a crucial role in managing weight by aiding calorie management. It is effective in weight maintenance without adverse effects. Also, the satiating effects are better as compared to other protein sources.


Fish Collagen improves nail strength and nail texture; helps in the reduction of chipping/peeling and promotes the growth of healthy nails.


Fish Collagen reduces hair fall and breakage, improves hair growth, dryness & texture, and promotes shiny hair.


Collagen products have been the staple of women’s sports nutrition historically but are now finding new life as the benefits have crossed over into the beauty-from-within, bone health, and weight management categories, all growing in popularity.

Beauty shot Collagen Drink

  • 12000mg Titagen™ Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptide

  • Vitamin C, B3 (Niacinamide), B6, B12

  • Apple Juice Concentrate

  • Flavors: Pineapple, Peach, Lychee, Pomegranate and Mix Fruits

Offering Ingredients for Collagen Drink (with customized formulation development)

  • Fish collagen peptide Titagen™ TX5004 (clinically proven)

  • Apple juice concentrate AP4001

  • Vitamin B premix PQ6004

  • Flavors

Other Applications

  • Collagen powder

  • Tablets & Capsules

  • Energy bar & Gummies

  • Beverages

  • Cream, Gel & Lotion


For Distribution, Innovation & OEM Services:

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