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​G'Connect - A Member of GroupG Asia Pacific

With a strong understanding and relationship with industrial manufacturers throughout Asia in general and Vietnam in particular, G'Connect, our member company specializes in exporting, thus always confident to bring the best products at competitive prices and full speed. G'Connect aims to become an export and trade promotion leader, performing as a "bridge" to bring typical products from Vietnam as well as Asia to the international market.

G'Connect carries out the mission of "Connecting Values" to create success for the ecosystem & bring sustainable values to ourselves, our partners, and the community by providing comprehensive solutions regarding export with the motto "Customer Services At Heart".​

​Our Main Product Categories
G'Connect Solutions

Commercial Export

G’Connect is confident to be your trustful partner in exporting a wide range of products with high quality at a competitive price. We are able to provide international quality certificates required by the regulations of each importing country.

Innovation Consulting for Export/Market Entry Projects

GroupG Asia Pacific's leading technology experts & suppliers from Europe & America are always ready to advise and support G'Connect customers to ensure the set standards and add value for the products, especially in the food and fragrance industries.

On-Demand OEM/ODM Services

Implement OEM agreements under the brands that international importers require with strict & high standards. With ODM, we cater to the domestic market and retail products here in Vietnam.

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